Groom your room

Most of us tend to lead lives filled with stress, anxiety, tensions and all sorts of pressures. Given this hustle and bustle, we often look forward to breaks, where we can pack our bags, hop onto an airplane and zoom off into an idyllic retreat, where we can unwind, relax and put our feet up. Resorts and spas have gained increasing popularity given the serene ambiance they offer – the much needed impetus to soothe our nerves. But why restrict ourselves to these one-off breaks to unwind and release our tensions? It is important to be able to recharge and repose every single day within our homes. This is when it’s time for you to sit up and think if there is a space in your home where you can feel like you are in a spa or a resort, where you can unwind, relax and recharge. Yes? No? Well, ideally the answer should be a resounding yes and that space should ideally be your bedroom – your sanctuary and haven of relaxation.

That’s right. The bedroom is the most important space in your home. Yet most of us tend to neglect it the most, paying more attention to decorating our living rooms and entertainment areas or family dens. When I was house hunting early this year, I had the opportunity to view as many as 25 homes and I was surprised at what I saw. Most homes were either cluttered or had beautifully decorated living rooms while the rest of the house left much to be desired. I have personally experienced the benefits of having a relaxed bedroom atmosphere and I speak to you from my heart. How well you sleep is directly proportional to your bedroom ambiance. The only way to be sure of this is to try it out for yourself. I implemented a few simple strategies and it has made a huge difference to my sleep pattern. I am more rested and look forward to my bedroom when I’m tired.

Redecorating and restructuring your bedroom isn’t a Herculean task and certainly not an expensive one either. You don’t need feng shui, zen or vaastu shaastra to help you get the best vibes from your room. Nor do you have to leaf through glossy pages of home decorating magazines. Just a few simple tricks and your personal touches and ideas will serve the purpose. It is guaranteed to be a fun experience and one that you will benefit from, at that.

De clutter – Clutter is nothing but a ‘confused multitude of things’. We tend to dump things in our bedrooms – clothes piled up on a chair or a clothes stand, medicine bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetics, knick-knacks, papers, books, handbags, cell phone chargers, CDs and what not. The idea is to have everything within reach or just plain downright laziness. Well not anymore. Its time to get organized – shelf, store, package and just keep it all away. “Not enough space” is just an excuse. There are plenty storage options available in the market. It hardly costs a few bucks to buy boxes or plastic ware and just organize your stuff neatly and tuck it away in your cupboard or wardrobe. If you have a dressing table, avoid placing too many items on the table.

Non bedroom items must leave the room – The computer along with computer table and its accessories, the television (it doesn’t matter if the best LCD or plasma in town), the treadmill – are like parasites living off your precious bedroom space. Remember we don’t want to bring work into the room, nor do we want football/cricket matches with charged commentaries and frenzied crowds or movies and soap operas or any form of entertainment in the room. The gym equipment must find a place elsewhere; anywhere but your bedroom. If you happen to have anything else apart from your bed, bedside tables, lounge chair and possibly a dressing table, it must go!

Bedroom furniture – If you are planning on buying new furniture, remember to get a nice comfortable bed frame and spend time on choosing your mattress. Even if it means spending those few extra bucks, it’s worth it. Nothing hit me more when I was leafing through Ikea’s pricey mattress catalog, when I came across a fact of life screaming at me from the pages – “You spend a quarter of your entire lifetime on your mattress”. Trust me; it pays to invest in a good mattress as itchar1 essentially means investing in your health and life. If your mattress is too old and you are facing back problems after having tried out every possible remedy, then perhaps a change of mattress might do the trick. It’s equally important to have small bedside tables that can hold certain essentials. If space so permits, a comfortable sofa-chair or rattan chair or any sort of lounge chair or even a bean bag is recommended. If it is placed by the window, nothing like it. This way you can settle in comfortably with your book and enjoy the light streaming from the window or the gentle breeze blowing in or perhaps watch the rain on one of those wet days.

Walls – The trend these days is to use bright colors to highlight the walls – reds and oranges are the colors in vogue. Although, shades of fiery reds and flaming oranges are attractive, they might not work too well for you in the bedroom. It’s preferable to have muted tones, soft shades and colors of nature – beige, cream, light shades of dscn3454green, blue and lavender – which tend to have a soothing effect. As an alternative to coloring the whole room, you can just create an accent wall by using color or textured paint and let the rest of the walls remain white or off-white. I have seen rooms with wall paper with bright bold designs and patterns. While the patterns themselves are magnetic, they tend to darken the room and are so overpowering that the room appears much smaller and not so pleasant.

Accessorize – Accessorizing is when you can let your imagination run and at the same time add that edge to your room. A few tasteful accessories on youb41r bedside tables can go a long way in adding a special touch of elegance. Since we want a spa like ambiance, the natural picks would include pot potpourri and candles. A simple glass of water with a single sprig or a money plant in a wine bottle or a few asters bunched together in a vase creates a sense of freshness and relaxation. I personally find figurines and pictures of the Buddha inspiring. I can’t seem to quib2te put my finger on it, but just seeing the Buddha’s peaceful face can be gratifying. A bedside lamp throws a soft light at bedtime and is a welcome change compared to the harsh light generated from tubes and bulbs. Durries and rugs in warm earthy colors and geometric patterns add a sense of warmth. Avoid dark carpeting as it tends to make the room look smaller.

Room temperature – No matter how hard you try and how well you redecorate your bedroom, you are bound to toss and turn if you are too warm or too cold. It’s extremely important to have the right temperature that suits you, in order to sleep like a baby. If its too warm and sultry try cooling down by opening the windows (it tends to be cooler at night), or regulating fans and coolers to their maximum or setting you air-con temperature to acceptable levels. Remember that freezing temperatures are equally sleep depriving.

On a parting note – just follow the simple pointers above, take a shower, think good and positive thoughts and tuck in for a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams and good night folks!


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